Freedom Ministry is for those who struggle with addictions or destructive strongholds in their lives.

Freedom Ministry is not a normal addiction or 12-step support group.  Unlike many other programs, Freedom Ministry unashamedly points people to the comfort, hope, and power that we find in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We cannot overcome our problems by ourselves.  Life’s difficulties and shortcomings make us aware of our deep need for Jesus Christ.  Sometimes we find victory in the Lord on our own, and sometimes we need someone else to walk with us step-by-step into victory. 

That’s where Freedom Ministry comes in.

Led by Tim and Cindy Cox, Freedom Ministry meets each Tuesday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. If there is anyone that you know that can benefit from gaining biblical understanding on how to overcome strongholds or addictions in their lives, then please invite them to attend!